Un-Called Four



  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Vocals
  • Happ Rawles: Guitar
  • Barbara Diederich: Bass
  • Mark Waldrop: Drums

The Un Called Four consisted of high school buddies from First Colonial High School. Idle’s Sister, Barbara, played bass. Happ had done his freshman year of college at Berkley School of Music in MA, where he learned how to play like an 80’s hair metal guitarist. Idle and Mark had been listening to punk rock with more ferocity, and this influenced him to try being a vocalist in a band for the first time. This is when Idle began playing songs he wrote with a band. The band sounded like a bad clash of punk rock and hair metal.

“We practiced in a room in my parents house, that Barbara and my youngest sister, Lorrie, went on to form an all girl band called The Worthless Dizzies. The Dizzies played many gigs at the famous NYC club, CBGB’s, as teenagers. Mark Waldrop and myself went on to start the band DieDrop in Blacksburg Virginia.” – Idle