The Church of the New Faith


Members Include

  • Brian Idle Edsel Diederich aka Brother Gustus Naldied
  • James Gracia aka Father Heime Grace
  • Doug Luca (featured guest) aka Sister Mikahelle

Live at Lewis’s in Norfolk VA.. This is the first show of Church of New Faith: the simultaneous revelations of Father Heime Grace & Brother Gustus Naldied. Features spoken word from idle edsel. Spoken word that includes speed bible reading and the truth about the conspiracy. Church of New Faith was featured on Hour of Slack in 1992 and reviewed in magazines like Maximum RocknRoll and Facktsheet Five.

Church of New Faith (CNF) is a spoken word project inspired by the radio evangelists of the Bible belt. CNF was a satire of Bible thumpers and therefore required a security guard, Sister Mikahelle. CNF performed live and put out many tapes and a CD such as “your sins killed him” and “More God For The Buck”. The two also wrote a chapbook that later became a full novel Brian Diederich, “Christ: The Dark Years”.

“Father grace would be delivering a fire breathing sermon telling everyone how bad a sinner they’ve been. And then brother Gustus would be the right hand man, the setup man, to tell them how dirty and meaningless their lives are. After Father Grace got punched in the face a couple times by an offended heathen, the church decided to take on our bodyguard Sister Mikahelle. People in prison buy our tapes but none ever came to stalk us. Thank The Oneness of the universe”. – Idle